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MCDC PAC is a citizens’ political action committee created to serve as a potent political arm of the Minuteman Movement, the grassroots initiative that seeks to secure America’s sovereign territory against incursion, invasion, and terrorism.

As a duly registered, Federal Election Commission authorized federal political committee, MCDC PAC is embarking immediately in activism, recruitment, endorsement, and financial support of Minuteman candidates, and of elected officials who share our vision of a secure and sovereign America.

These United States are at war, and under siege by forces and interests that have the capacity, over time, to destroy our great experiment of responsible self-government.

We are organizing as citizen volunteers, and as voting citizens, to safeguard our beloved nation from violence, from sedition, from wholesale attack by those who do not love America and wish to see her destroyed or irremediably altered from a nation of liberty, equality, and justice, and a bastion of western civilization.

We are recruiting, training, and supporting citizen candidates who will stand as patriots for the promise that is, and ever has been, America.

Today’s citizens of the Minuteman Movement, like the original Minutemen of our colonial Revolution, live by the philosophy of America’s Founding – including respect for the God-given natural rights to life, liberty, and property.

Minutemen are patriots, loyal to our national motto, E pluribus Unum, “From many, One.” We profess an abiding trust in the capacity of a free, decent people of many origins to unify and become one nation. We exercise the ordered liberty bequeathed to us as Americans, and we solemnly accept the duties attendant to that liberty essential to preserving a regime of, by, and for the people.

If you are concerned about the chaos upon our broken borders, if you believe America should welcome legal immigration but reject colonization and Balkanization, we invite you help us secure the future of our nation for the American people and her posterity.